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  • Kate Berry

On Serendipity, Mental Health, and Ease

Do you believe in signs from the Universe?

Because I sure do.

Not only did I wake up an hour and a half later than I usually do (after going to bed last night an hour and a half earlier than I usual), but three of the 5 calls and meetings I had today needed to cancel, for one reason or another.

Some people would be pissed about these things. But, I'm choosing to see it a divine, serendipitous message that's giving me permission to rest and chill out.

If all had gone "according to plan today" - I would have had session after session after meeting after check-in convo after session. And I probably would have pushed through it all. Showed up. It would have been fine, I would have been fine. AND, I would have been totally zapped at the end of it all.

Let me tell you: the emotions are just flowing today like the salmon of the Capistrano.

To be honest, I'm feeling a lot of different things and it's barely even noon. I've already laughed my ass off and cried my eyes out. I've felt joy, I've felt vulnerability and grief, I've felt seen and heard, and I've felt accomplished and frustrated. A real spectrum, right?

In a session with my own coach this morning, I started excavating what it means and what it looks like to embrace the idea of ease and pick the low hanging fruit - to hit pause on striving and to do more of what feels really freakin' easy. We talked about rest and permission and trust and being patient, and it got me feeling all of the feels in the best way possible.

For any of you in the world of entrepreneurship or growth and development, you know that "stepping back" is not a wildly popular mindset. So often, we are told we need to work hard, grind it out, "embrace the hustle," to grow, and to reach. That we need to push and put ourselves out there, stretch past our comfort zone, and think outside the box.

And I feel too damn tired to do any of that today.

Today's lesson is really all about giving myself (and you!) permission to rest. To step back and do as little as possible.

Because if I'm REALLY practicing what I preach, I'd tell myself that I need to stop "should-ing" on myself. I'd ask, "Kate, what do you really need right now, in this moment?" And my infinitely wise self would answer, "Rest and ease. I really need to do the bare minimum today."

So that's what I'm up to. There will be no fixing from me today. No pushing through. No grin and bear it. I'm tending to my mental health and I'm doing as little as possible. I'm practicing what I want to share with you all next week; which is locating (as best as we can) that sweet spot of awareness, compassion, and gratitude and doing MORE of what's actually working instead of focusing on fixing what's broken, painful, or hard.

In the meantime, I want to share with you a conversation on the topic of mental health that I had with my friend Thomas a month or so while we hung out in his living room and drank some of his tasty home brew. In this episode, we talk about depression, the changing climate of vulnerability, 90's music, and numbing (among other things). Feel free to listen in and let me know what you think.

Thanks for listening, my friends. I'll catch you all next week!