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  • Kate Berry

Home is Where the Heart Grows

This blog is part of a series that explores the intersection of self, relationships, and home. By making conscious efforts to align ourselves in these three areas, we can step into a life of greater contentment, ease, and joy.

I’m a homebody.

I spend a lot of time at my home. Thinking about homes. Visiting people’s homes. Organizing homes. It’s almost as if I’m channeling Bubba from Forrest Gump, but instead of talking about shrimp, I’m talking about homes.

On top of that, my empathic nature makes me keenly aware of the quality of the energy around me at any given time - and not just other people’s energy, but the energy of the environment as well. When it comes to the spaces that we inhabit, particularly our homes, it’s my belief that what we are surrounded by has an incredible impact on how we “show up” in our lives.

Think about it: Have you ever had moments where a space just feels “off” to you? Do you (like me) ever have the insatiable urge to rearrange furniture and decor to create a sense of renewal or flow in a room? Has clutter ever overwhelmed you to the point of just feeling stuck and unsure of what to do or how to move forward?

In the event that you found yourself nodding your head “yes” to any of those questions, you already have a basic

sense of how our environment plays a huge role in our sense of safety and well being.

Consider for a moment that “home” is the place where (in theory) we come to recharge and replenish ourselves. It is where some of our most intimate moments occur. Here, we grow, we accumulate, we shed, we connect and we disconnect. In essence, our homes serve as the hub for everything that happens in our lives.

As Clare Cooper Marcus writes in her book House as a Mirror of Self, “A home fulfills many needs: a place of self-expression, a vessel of memories, a refuge from the outside world, a cocoon where we can feel nurtured and let down our guard. As we change and grow throughout our lives, our psychological development is punctuated not only by meaningful relationships with people, but also by close, affective ties with a number of significant physical environments.”

When we feel safe in our homes, when they reflect who we are and what we love, when they are (at least somewhat) orderly and provide space for us to connect with what matters most - it’s easy to see how our environment contributes (or even reflects) the alignment and flow we feel internally.

Conversely, when our spaces are in disarray, when we don’t feel safe or able to rest, or when we are unable to connect with ourselves or others, it’s incredibly difficult to feel like we can grow roots or truly thrive.

To simplify that even more: If you think of yourself as a seed, what kinds of conditions are going to contribute to you sprouting, growing, and blooming?

When I work with clients on getting organized, one of the things we really spend a lot of time on is how to create the kinds of spaces that allow them to be more of who they truly are. When we do this, we open up a world of possibility in their lives that gives them permission to be more authentic, creative, and focused on what’s truly most important to them.

This month, you’ll get a taste of this as we focus in on how we can shape and harness the power of our home environments. We’ll explore questions like:

  • How does our environment impact our sense of self and well being?

  • How can we create spaces that contribute to comfort, creativity, and joy?

  • What do we do when we believe that our physical environment is holding us back?

  • Who do we have permission to be when our environments reflect our values, gifts, and priorities?

To get started, I highly recommend grabbing your free download of the October 2018 free resource: “Creating Joyful Spaces.” This guide is the perfect way to get started on cultivating a space in your home that reflects who you are, what you love, and who you want to be in the world beyond.