Frequently Asked Questions

What do your services include?

All services include the following:

  • Free 30-minute consultation to make sure we are a good fit.

  • For custom ceremonies: 1 hour of phone or in-person planning

  • Unlimited email consultation

  • Writing and performing your wedding ceremony

  • 60 miles round-trip travel to your ceremony location (30 miles each way). 

  • Delivery of your signed marriage license to the Flathead County Courthouse

  • Keepsake copy of your wedding ceremony

What are your rates?

Current Rates (as of 5/22/2021)

$700 : customized ceremony for elopements and intimate weddings (< 15 guests)

$800: customized ceremony for weddings with 15-49 guests**

$1,000: customized ceremony for weddings with 50+ guests**

**booked selectively​

Where in Montana are you?  Are you available to travel?

I am based in Whitefish - a quaint little ski/lake town in Northwest Montana.  I primarily serve the Flathead Valley and the western side of Glacier National Park.

For travel more than 30 miles outside of Whitefish, there is an additional fee ($1.00/mile).  This easily covers travel to West Glacier and Lakeside. While I love to travel more than anything, I am not currently booking destination weddings outside of Montana.

What are your credentials?

I was ordained in May of 2014 by the Universal Life Church.

While we can all share a chuckle about online ordinations, the truth is, I'm someone who's always loved public speaking and I'm pretty adept at creating and holding space for real emotion.  As a trained social worker, certified life coach, and facilitator, I put my skills to use to help tell your love story and give you a road map for your future together.

I officiated my first wedding (my sister's!) in 2009, and was asked again in 2014 to do the honor for two of my best friends (who I introduced!) These experiences were so much fun, and I loved the process of interviewing, writing, and then performing a sacred ritual. In 2017, I began to publicly offer my services as a nondenominational wedding officiant.

I am also a member of the My Montana Wedding Association, which is a professional directory designed to help you connect with reputable wedding vendors in Western Montana.

If you want to catch my full flavor, feel free to stalk me on Instagram, tune into my podcast, or check out my bio.

Do you perform religious ceremonies?

My short answer is "no."

My long answer is that, as a nondenominational celebrant, I specialize in performing wedding ceremonies that focus on you as a couple and your idea of love and marriage - rather than a God or a religious text.

I am comfortable with a "sprinkle of God" (which God(s)/(esses) you choose is up to you).  However, I do reserve the right to refuse to read any passage or share ideas that I am uncomfortable with.  (If you need an example, I have refused to read a bible passage about the duty of a wife to submit to her husband. That's just not my jam.)  

Are you available for LGBTQ weddings?

Heck yes I am!

Why hire a professional celebrant? Can't my father/aunt/cousin/best friend marry us?

In the state of Montana, technically anyone can marry you (thanks in part to online ordinations!)

But here's the deal, it's a roll of the dice to ask someone who's never done this to do you this honor - and a huge amount of pressure for them to do it really well.  

I've seen people CRUSH this task and deliver some of the most fantastically gorgeous, hilariously personal wedding ceremonies I've ever heard - and I've seen others mumble, fumble, and ramble on about their own lives, bail at the last minute, or robotically read something grabbed directly from the Universal Life Church ceremony generator.

You know your people better than I do, and they know you better than me, but there is something to be said about hiring someone with professional experience and affiliations to create the space for you and your partner to make the biggest commitment of your life.

Will you cover your tattoos for my wedding ceremony?

While I have been known to entertain a polite request to wear 3/4 sleeves so as not to freak out grandma - my general answer to this question is "no."

Authenticity is incredibly important to me, and I am proud to bring my whole self to your ceremony.   

We want to work with you!  How do we book you to officiate our wedding/elopement?

First, reach out to see if I am available on your big day. 


If I am available, our next step is to schedule a conversation to make sure that I am the right fit to marry you and your partner. 


Once we decide that we are well-matched (hooray!), I will get a contract sent your way and request a $100, non-refundable retainer fee to save your date.

How do I get a Montana marriage license?

If you are saying "I do" in Flathead County, you can fill out an online application for your license here.

Simply pick your license up at the courthouse (you just need $53 and ID), and bring it to your ceremony!  There we will make it official, and I will deliver it back to be filed for you.

I have another question that you didn't answer here. How do I get in touch?