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Kate is perfect. Her smile and vibe is precisely what you want in a person attending and officiating your ceremony. Jon and I could not have imagined a person getting us in such an in-depth way. Her ability to take all the little moments in our lives and see what makes our relationship tick took my breath away more than once. She made us laugh, she made us cry, and most importantly, she spoke to our weird souls in a one-of-a-kind ceremony just for us. If anyone is looking for a person to make their love official, I would suggest her a million times over. I cannot put just how perfect her words were and how much I will cherish the day she helped us to create.

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About Kate

With a mop of curls and a host of tattoos, Kate Berry is a nondenominational minister, coach, and social worker. She crafts personalized wedding ceremonies for couples with a sense of humor and love of adventure. As an officiant, her mission is to warm your heart, make you laugh, and (hopefully) shed a tear.